Natural Pharmacy Business CPD Directory

Pharmacists essential natural product-sourcing guide


Launched in 2014, the Natural Pharmacy Business Directory is a buyer’s guide, exclusive to pharmacists, which includes a complete and comprehensive guide to the whole natural health market; from new and existing products and full company information, to brand names, trade names and useful addresses.

Covering everything a pharmacy buyer ever needs for their successful business, the Natural Pharmacy Business Directory is user-friendly and intuitive, arranged by product categories (body, skin and hair care, vitamins, minerals and supplements, sports nutrition, food and drink, general and household and eco) which can be easily cross-referenced for full contact and ordering details. It is also available online 24 hours-a-day.

  • Find the directory valuable 98% 98%
  • Find the advertising valuable 98% 98%
  • Have been influenced to stock a product after seeing it featured 92% 92%

James Harrison


Editor, James Harrison is an experienced editor and researcher who has worked with numerous healthcare and medical clients, including: medDigital, Glaxosmithkline, AstraZeneca as and Bowen Craggs.


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