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Target Publishing’s print portfolio engage millions of readers every month, so talk to us about cost-effective campaigns which reach and influence your target audience.


Each of our titles are complimented by an interactive website which engages users 24 hours a day.


Our portfolio of events invite hundreds of delegates to meet, network and do business in an environment dedicated to learning.

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To make the most of your marketing budget, you have to reach the most targeted audience you can… That’s why Target Publishing has, for over 15 years, been dedicated to providing its clients with strategic and cost-effective routes to market that work in synergy with their goals. Working within industries that affect everyone, from health and leisure through to food and education.


We work closely with our clients to deliver campaigns which work with their brand goals and values. Using a unique mix of editorial coverage, print and digital advertising our campaigns yield results above and beyond the expectations of our clients.


Talk to us about how we can grow your business. Our sales team will guide you through the whole process – from an editorial schedule through to the best time to send your targeted message – they will work closely with you so your campaign gets the results you expect.

  • Advertisers who were happy with their campaign results 98%
  • How valuable our readers find our magazines 97%
  • How valuable our attendees found our events 99%
  • The return visits to our websites 89%

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We influence millions of trade and consumer buyers every month – so talk to us how we reach your target audience and grow your sales.

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