The first ever IHCAN Summit proved to be a fantastic day, with four leading experts speaking on a range of topical themes relating to nutritional therapy. Not only this, but with the unique schedule, almost 300 delegates and the biggest number of exhibitors to date, the IHCAN Summit was one of the biggest, most successful events yet for Target Publishing.

The IHCAN Summit was held at a brand-new venue, 155 Bishopsgate, a larger setting, which allowed organisers to invite more delegates, which was essential as the IHCAN Conference series continues to be sold out. 155 Bishopsgate provided a fantastic setting for this launch event, with its modern design and highly-efficient staff and facilities. The IHCAN Summit had two schedules running parallel throughout the day, which allowed for keynote lectures in the main conference room, as well as seminars taking place in the break-out room. This offered delegates more time to network with the many exhibitors, and created a relaxed atmosphere over a delicious gluten-free lunch and refreshments.

During the day, there was a celebration of the 30th birthday of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, with a gluten and dairy-free cake offered to delegates joining in the festivities. Bio-Kult also presented its student bursary to their deserving winner and runner-up. Delegates were quick to praise the event, with Yvonne Davies commenting: “It was very well organised, and each stand was very relevant.” Carol Marlow said there was “excellent food and selection of exhibitors”, while Samantha Moodie added: “The most well organised conference I have attended, with the best lunch!” And Angela Barst said simply: “Outstanding day.”

High level speakers Dr Tom O’Bryan, the first keynote speaker for the day, took the stage to talk about ‘Breakthrough Approaches to Address Gluten Exposure and Sensitivity’. Tom, as always, stunned delegates with the extent of his knowledge on gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease. Michael Ash, the second keynote speaker, spoke to delegates regarding ‘Working with the Microbiome to Improve Mucosal Immune Function and Mitochondrial Fitness’. Michael provided delegates with vast knowledge on the Microbiome Mutiny Hypothesis and what happens when our microbiome turn against us. Robyn Puglia, one of the seminar speakers, backed up Tom’s talk by speaking on Cryex Testing and Training. Robyn provided delegates with information and practical knowledge on understanding the autoimmune mechanism, barrier permeability and environmental triggers. Gilian Crowther, the second seminar speaker, spoke on ‘The Secrets of Mitochondrial Information Transfer: Implications for Health and Disease’. Gilian covered topics such as how our mitochondria evolved, information signalling/photon capture along the electron transport chain, the crucial role of the microbiome and why mitochondria might downregulate or become blocked.

The next IHCAN Summit will take place on June 25, 2016, at 155 Bishopsgate. For more information, head to the website